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Worried about High Blood Pressure?

Well drinking this blended Pressure Down Tea is a natural way to treat high blood pressure or hypertension. Throughout the day your blood pressure changes based on your activities and what you eat like poor eating habits,lack of physical activities,smoking cigarettes,drinking to much alcohol and not getting enough sleep can raise your blood pressure.... So controlling your blood pressure with a healthy  lifestyle plays a vital role in treating high blood pressure. This Pressure Down Tea can prevent,delay and or reduce the need of medication.


Care Instructions: Microwaves isn't the best water method but rather boil fresh water or spring water. If you prefer a stronger flavor or want more Anti-Oxidants from tea,then using two bags is recommended & if you desire a lighter favor,one bag should be enough.



  • Help maintain the health of the blood vessels & protect the body against heart disease
  • Keep blood pressure & cholesterol levels in control
  • Calms the nervous system & help to balance,restore  & protecting the body from stress
  • Has a relaxing effect & strengthens the blood vessels
  • Packed with vitamin A,C,Anti-Oxidants & minerals

1 cup(6-8oz) 1 teaspoon loose leaf tea per 6-8oz cup of water

2 cups(14-16oz) 2 teaspoon loose leaf tea per 14-16oz cup of water





Using 2 tea bags in one cup is a personal choice & squeezing tea bag actually makes the tea bitter due to high levels of tannic acid in the tea.


Package size: 7.9 inch

Net wt. approximately 2.5oz


Pressure Down Tea(Lg)

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