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Melt & Pour 

Melt & Pour Soaps is the easiest way to make soap and does not require making soap from scratch but rather a pre-made soap base that comes in large bars & the saponification and waiting step has been done for u. You will have to cut off the amount you need, melting it using a double boiler or microwave. Then you add your favorite essential oils, coloring, and additional ingredients before pouring it into a mold while allowing soaps to harden. Although with melt-n-pour soaps its ready to use immediately an hour or so after making it and doesn't give you complete control over your ingredients.

Cold Process Soap 

Cold Processed soaps are made from scratch, and you have complete control over your base ingredients by combining a recipe of different Oils (coconut, olive oil,palm &, etc.) Butter (shea, mango, cocoa) with Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) many consider to be true natural soap. This then creates a chemical reaction called Saponification, with this process, the soap maker gets complete control over the combination of oils, clays, milk (powder or liquid) Essential oils, butter & any other ingredients that get put into the soap. This process can be more time-consuming due to the Lye that is active for the first 18-24 hours of the saponification process and by the time the soaps are ready for use, the lye is no longer an active ingredient in the soap & completely safe to use on your skin leaving behind just the nourishing oils. Then slicing soaps into bars allows cure time anywhere between 4-6 weeks wait before the soap is used to complete the entire process.

What is a Herbal Bath?

Herbal baths are powerful herbs you add to your bath water that has healing vibrations that will help the body with cleansing the spirit & the chakras while

healing the soul, mind & body & will bring positive energy toward situations that no longer serve you. Herbal Baths will balance what you need healed within the changes in your life by clearing blockages, pathways, grounding, pain, relaxing the muscles, improving muscle tension, rejuvenating & detoxify the body.

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