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Relax your mind & body as you soak your worries away with this amazing herbal bath with a fresh & relaxing scent.


Care Instructions:

Do not take hot bath if you have heart issues,high blood pressure & or diabetes; Keep water warm(Hot baths are actually not particularly good for your health & can put a strain on the heart)


To use: The amount used can range from 3-4 1/4 cup per bath over a course of a few days to using the entire bag at once or add desired amount of your choice is your decision.


Disclaimers: We are not responsible for any allergic reactions



  • Relieves stress,tension & help with age spots plus damaged skin
  • Ease muscles & joint aches in the body
  • Calms & soften skin
  • Reduce inflammation & support the skin natural repair process
  • Loaded with nutrients, vitamin D,E & F & packed with Anti-Oxidants


  Lavender buds

  Lavender & tea tree essential oil


  Dry Milk

  Pink himalayan salt

  Sea salt

  Orange peel petals

  Epsom salt(Hemp seed oil)

  Butterfly pea powder

  Citric acid


Package size 7x9 inch

Net wt approximately 9.9oz

LavenderMilk & Oats Herbal Bath(Lg)

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