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Products may take more then 12 weeks of consistent usage

Apply twice a day to see sooner results! 


The skin underneath the beard is sensitive & when you grow facial hair,it absorbs moisture leaving the skin dry & prone to breaking out. Beard oil reaches the follicles & help keep the skin hydrated & prevents acne.


Ingredients: Infused with Chamomile flowers,Rosemary leaves,Nettle root,Clove,Argan oil,Avocado oil,Castor oil,Jojoba oil,Vitamin E oil,Honey


Scent: Jasmine



  •  Boost beard growth & softens beard
  • Prevents brittle hair,breakage & decreases skin irritation
  • Helps strengthen & cleanse the beard
  • Helps repair the skin barrier to treat beard itch
  • Hydrates & nourishes the skin
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Contains anti-oxidants that can reduce inflammation


Care Instructions:

Wash beard,add drops of beard oil into your hands,adjusing the amount depending on your beard length & thickness. Apply beard oil with your hands & message gently into your beard.



Always do the 24 hour skin test,discontinue use if you notice any irritation especially if you have sensitive skin type. Not responsible for any allergic reactions 

Beard Oil 4 Dry, Itchy & Growth(4oz)

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